Sheet Metal Repair And Fabrication
If you need major or minor repairs, or component replacement. SD Air can repair or install factory parts. For older aircraft where parts are no longer available we can fabricate components such as cowlings, skin panels or bulkheads. SD Air has repaired and fabricated a wide variety of sheet metal structures for Cub’s, Champs, T craft, Piper’s, Cessna’s, Navion’s, T6’s and more

Steel Tube, Fabric, Wood And More!

Factory Authorized Diamond Service Center.  

Steel tube, sheet metal fabrication

Fabric & wood restoration & repair. 

Contract maint. on airline, airfreight & flight schools

STC airframe & engine conversions 

Instrument panel upgrades to classics & antiques. 

Garmin & Aspen installations affiliated with  Green Mt. Avionics.
From jacking out a bend, or complete longeron replacement do to corrosion. We can help with your fuselage, stabilizer, gear leg or control surface repair.
Rejuvenation of old finish coats to patching holes.
Wood spar replacement or splices, the fabrication of truss ribs, plywood skin repairs or wing tip bow replacement

Factory Certified Diamond Service Center

SD Air Service is a Factory Authorized Diamond Service Center and Diamond parts source with factory trained personnel. We perform 50, 100, 200, 1000hr and Pre-purchase inspections, Service Bulletin compliance, general maintenance and repair. We also do specialty Diamond work such as canopy transparence replacement, air bag installations and G1000 Line Service. For all avionics work SD Air is affiliated with Green Mountain Avionics. 

The New "Garmin G5"

Primary or Backup Flight Instrument with Optional Autopilot Capability

Bright, sunlight-readable 3.5” LCD color display, sized to fit standard

3-1/8” instrument cutout

Can be used as a primary EFIS attitude indicator or DG/HSI display — or as a fully integrated backup flight instrument for G3X™, G3X Touch™ or other Experimental/LSA glass cockpits

Provides standalone or backup autopilot control, allowing coupled GPS approaches to be flown or continued in the event of a primary display loss

In case of aircraft power loss, optional battery backup sustains G5 flight display with up to 4 hours of emergency power

Dual G5 installation offers reversionary display capability plus the added redundancy of dual ADAHRS and dual back-up batteries

Visit The Garmin Website For More Information

Customer Satisfaction
Adaptive Scheduling
At SD Air Service We Are 100% Dedicated To Your Satisfaction and Will Work With You To Get The Airplane You Want.
Futhering Customer Satisfaction Is Our Adaptive Scheduling, Drop Us A Line Or Email And We WIll Fit You In To The Best Of Our Abilities
We Value Staying In Touch WIth Our Clientele.Whatever Form Of Communication.We Will Try To Keep You Informed About Your Aircraft
A Long History
​​Cessna, Piper, Classic & Antique Aircraft Specialists 

In the mid 30’s Herbert Draper looking up from a Greensboro VT hay field, at an airplane in flight, decided he would learn to fly. In 1938 he received his pilot’s license at the Barre-Montpelier Airport. After Air Cadet training at Washington State College and serving his country during WW2, he received his A&E license from the Dallas Aviation School in 1948. In 1952 he built Herbs Garage at the intersection of Route 2 and the Truck Route (Drapers Corners) in Alburg Center Vermont. He Married Eileen Cameron and with her considerable book keeping experience, the two ran the business for 17yrs. Never straying to far from aviation two air strips were operated adjacent to the Garage. One of two sons Scott Draper developed an interest in aviation. 13 yrs. After moving to Rutland VT Herb suggested to Scott a laid off airline mechanic, that he start his own business. After 6 years of difficult negotiations with the state of Vermont. SD Air entered into a lease with VT State. With Herb helping as mechanic and Eileen book keeper. SD Air Service was established in 1987 at the Rutland State Airport. SD Air has been in operation for over 30 years.
Whatever decade your Cessna 182, Piper PA28, antique or classic aircraft was built we can inspect and repair it. With considerable STC experience we can provide, Engine conversions, Cleveland, Grove and Steve’s Brake conversions, combustion analyzer installations, alternator conversions, Vortex generators, Steve’s fuel bowls etc. 

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North Clarendon, Vermont
Rutland State Airport-KRUT
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